Great Christmas Deals
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Christmas at The Farm Shop  Over the years we have built up our range of products for Christmas.  In the Garden Centre you will find Xmas trees, seasonal plants, wreaths and other planted  displays. We also have a great selection of lights and ornaments to decorate your tree and  home. In the shop, we have Xmas cards, decorations, gift ideas and the all the usual cakes, sweets  and drinks. In addition, we take orders for an Xmas meat hamper which provides outstanding  value for money and allows you to order all your Christmas meat in one go.  Last but not least, the Fruit & Veg section has everything you will need to accompany Xmas  meals and provide fantastic Fruit and Nut displays.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

There are generally four things you need for Christmas - trees and decorations, cards, food & drink and gifts. We may not be able to provide you with the latest games console, but we can certainly take care of the other three categories and even offer a few stocking fillers to boot.

Christmas Trees, Seasonal Plants and Xmas Decorations

We have a wide selection of Christmas Trees, live or cut, in sizes from 1M to 2.5M costing from £12.50. (Cut trees will arrive over the weekend of 19th-20th November) To accompany these we have some beautiful Christmas tree decorations, seasonal wreaths & ornaments and LED lights. If you’re just looking for winter plants, then we’ve got all the seasonal plants that you would expect: poinsettia, cyclamen, skimmia and many more...

Cards, Decorations and Gifts

We always have a good selection of greeting cards to cover almost every occasion, but our Christmas cards really are excellent value for money. We also have a number of Xmas decorations including Christmas crackers, sweets for the tree and Advent calendars. And you really must look in the Garden Centre for house decorations.

Xmas Food & Drink

After all the presents are opened on Christmas morning, the next big event is Christmas lunch and we have everything you need for a delicious family feast. Our Christmas meat hampers are extremely popular. They have turkey, beef, pork and ham and a lot more for sunstantially less than you would pay in any supermarket or butcher. And they could well last you through Boxing Dasy and beyond. Get your order form from the cashiers and order asap. Closing date for orders will be 12th December. You would expect us to have the best fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables and we don’t disappoint. Everything is fresh from our local suppliers and markets. See our Fruit & Veg page for details. In addition, we have Xmas puds and pies, pickles, wines, beers and chocolates.
Tree Decorations
Xmas Cards
Xmas Puds
Look out for these...
Meat Hamper
Grows up to 2M with different coloured leaves, white flowers and berries at various times of the year.
Baking Trays Foil, Cling Film Paper & Plastic Plates
Xmas Plants
Sparkling Wines
Pickles & Sauces
Click the picture to get this and other excellent free Xmas wallpapers.
Remember to pick up your foil baking trays, serving trays, greaseproof paper, tin foil, cling film, plastic and paper plates, plastic cutlery and serviettes.
Fox's Viennese Fingers - 135g pack 1.09

Huntley & Palmers Xmas Puds 750g - 2.99 each or 2 for 5

Lindt Lindor Chocolates - 2 boxes 7

Large Selection of Wines
Red, White or Rose - Any 3 for 10

Xmas Doormats - 2 for 5

750g Selection Boxes 5 each

Raffaello Coconut Chocs - 2 boxes 3

Xmas Tree and House Lights from 5.00

Tree Ornaments from 2.50 each

Xmas Signs from 3.50 each

Tree Baubles from 2.50 each

Santa Sacks & Hats from 1.50

Xmas Gonks from 1.50 each

House Ornaments from 3

Wreaths from 8.50

Live Xmas Trees from 12.50

Don't forget to order your Xmas Meat Hamper
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